Index of Hypnotherapy Qualification Letters

The following list was kindly supplied by The Directory of Hypnotherapy Practitioners,
Compiled & Edited by William Broom. © The General Hypnotherapy Register.

AAPH American Association of Professional Hypnotherapists
ABH American Board of Hypnotherapy
ABNLP American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming
ACH Academy of Curative Hypnotherapists
ACHE American Council of Hypnotist Examiners
ACMT Association of Complete Mind Therapists
ACPP Association for Child Psychology and Psychiatry
AEP Association of Educational Psychology
Affil.RSH Affiliate Royal Society of Health
AFPsSI Associate Fellow Psychological Society of Ireland
AFT Association for Family Therapy
AGC Association of Gold Counsellors
AHHC Association of Hypnotherapists in Health Care
AHP Association of Humanistic Psychology
AICH Associate Institute of Clinical Hypnosis
ALC Associate Lambourn Court
AMCAP Associate Member Centre Association of Psychotherapists
AMRSH Associate Member Royal Society of Health
AMT Association of Meridian Therapies
ANLP (PCS) Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming(Psychotherapy and Counselling Services)
ANLP Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming (UK)
ANM Association of Natural Medicine
APA American Psychological Association
APHP Association of Professional Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy
APHT Association of Psychological and Holistic Therapists
APRT (USA) Association for Past-Life Research and Therapies (USA)
APT Association of Professional Therapists
AREBT Association of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapists
ASD Association for the Study of Dreams
ASIIP Adlerian Society of Great Britain
ASRST Association for Spirit Release and Soul Therapies
BABCP British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapists
BAC British Association for Counselling
BANT British Association of Nutritional Therapists
BASRT British Association of Spirit Releasement Therapy
BAThH British Association of Therapeutic Hypnotists
BCMA British Complementary Medical Association
BCPA Bedfordshire Counselling and Psychotherapy Association
BDA British Dental Association
BHMA British Holistic Medical Association
BHR British Hypnosis Research
BIAET British Institute for Allergy and Environmental Therapy
BIHom British Institute of Homoeopaths
BMA British Medical Association
BPS British Psychological Society
BRCP (Hyp) British Register of Complementary Practitioners (Hypnotherapy Division) Linked to ICM
BSBSD British Society for Behavioural Sciences in Dentistry
BSCH (Assoc) Associate British Society of Clinical Hypnosis
BSECH British Society of Experimental and Clinical Hypnosis
BSPD British Society of Paediatric Dentistry
BTAA Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia and Bowen Association (UK)
BTS British Thoracic Society
CCNN Couples Counselling National Network
CITA Counselling for Involuntary Tranquilliser Addiction
CPHVA Community Practitioners and Health Visitors Association
CPS Counselling and Psychotherapy Society
EATA European Association for Transactional Analysis
EDA Eating Disorders Association
EMDRA Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing Association (U.K. and Ireland)
EMDRIA Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing International Association
EMRCT East Midland Region College of Teachers
ESMH European Society of Medical Hypnosis
ETSI European Therapy Studies Institute
F.Coll.P Fellow College of Preceptors
F.Inst.H.T. Fellow Institute of Holistic Therapies
FAACT Fellow Association of Analytical and Cognitive Therapists
FAAP Fellow American Association of Psychotherapists
FAGC Fellow Association of Gold Counsellors
FASH Fellow Academy of Scientific Hypnotherapy (USA)
FASM Fellow Association of Stress Management
FBST Brief Strategic Therapy Foundation
FCAP Fellow Centre Association of Psychotherapists
FCRAH Fellow Central Register of Advanced Hypnotherapists (Linked to National School of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy)
FGSCT (UK) Fellow UK Guild of Smoking Cessation Therapists
FHRS Fellow Hypnotherapy Research Society
FHS Fellow Hypnotherapy Society
FHSR Fellow Harley Street Research Study Centre for Anxiety Management
FHT Federation of Holistic Therapists
FIAPT Fellow International Association of Precision Therapists
FIBMS Fellow Institute of Bio-Medical Sciences
FICHM Fellow International College of Holistic Medicines
FIHP Fellow Institute of Hypnosis and Parapsychology
FNACHP Fellow National Association of Counsellors, Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists
FNCP Fellow National Council of Psychotherapists
FRSH Fellow Royal Society of Health
FRSM Fellow Royal Society of Medicine
FSMCA Fellow Stress Management Counsellors Association
FSPCAH Fellow Society for Primary Cause Analysis by Hypnosis
FSSM Fellow Society of Stress Managers
FSSPS Fellow Scottish School of Psychic Studies
GCP Guild of Complementary Practitioners
GDC General Dental Council
GMC General Medical Council
HPA Health Practitioners Association
IACT International Association of Counsellors and Therapists (USA)
IAHH Irish Association of Hypnotherapy and Hypnoanalysis
IAHP International Association of Healthcare Practitioners
IAT International Association for Transactional Analysis
IBS (UK) UK Register of Irritable Bowel Syndrome Therapists
ICHP Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy
ICM Institute for Complementary Medicine
IFA International Federation of Aromatherapists
IFT Institute for Family Therapy
IHE Institute of Health Education
IHT Institute of Holistic Therapies
IIHHT International Institute of Health and Holistic Therapies
INEH International Network of Esoteric Healing
IPD Institute of Personnel and Development
IPTI Independent Professional Therapists International
IRPH International Register of Professional Hypnotherapists
ISH International Society of Hypnosis
ISMA (UK) International Stress Management Association (UK)
ISPA International Society of Professional Aromatherapists
ITEC International Therapists Examination Council
LCI Lambourn Court International
LCSP London and Counties Society of Physiologists
LHRS Licentiate Hypnotherapy Research Society
LHS Licentiate Hypnotherapy Society
LNCP Licentiate National Council of Psychotherapists
LSEPH London Society for Ericksonian Psychotherapy and Hypnosis
M.CoH Member College of Healing
MAACT Member Association of Analytical and Cognitive Therapists
MAAT Member Association of Analytical Therapists
MABNLP Member American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming
MACH Member Academy of Curative Hypnotherapists
MACH Member Association of Clinical Hypnotherapists
MAGPC Member Association of Gold Psychotherapeutic Counsellors
MAHH Member Association of Holistic Hypnotherapists
MAQCH Member Association of Qualified Curative Hypnotherapy
MASC Member Association of Stress Consultants
MASM Member Association of Stress Management
MBAcC Member British Acupuncture Council
MBASRT Member British Association for Sexual and Relationship Therapy
MBHA Member British Hypnotherapy Association (London)
MBIH Member British Institute of Hypnotherapy
MBSCH Member British Society of Clinical Hypnosis
MBSH Member British Society of Hypnotherapists
MBSMDH Member British Society of Medical and Dental Hypnosis
MCA Hyp Member Corporation of Advanced Hypnotherapy (Linked to Atkinson Ball College of Hypnotherapy)
MCAM Member College for Anxiety Management
MCRAH Member Central Register of Advanced Hypnotherapists (Linked to National School of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy)
MFHT Member Foundation of Holistic Therapies
MGCH Member Guild of Curative Hypnotherapists
MGSGT Member UK Guild of Smoking Cessation Therapists
MHF Member Hypnothink Foundation
MHPG Member Hypnotherapy Practitioners Guild
MHRS Member Hypnotherapy Research Society
MHS (Acc) Accredited Member Hypnotherapy Society
MHS Member Hypnotherapy Society
MIACT Member Irish Association for Counselling and Therapy
MIAH Member International Association of Hypno-Analysts
MIAH Institute of Analytical Hypnotherapists
MIAPT Member International Association of Precision Therapists
MIBiol Member Institute of Biology
MICHT Member International Council of Holistic Therapists
MIFA Member International Federation of Aromatherapists
MIHA Member Institute of Hypnosis and Autogenics
MIHE Member Institute of Health Education
MIHP Member Institute of Hypnosis and Parapsychology
MIMgt Member Institute of Management
MINT Member Institute of Natural Therapy
MIPA Member Institute of Primary Activation
MIPP Member Institute of Psychology and Parapsychology
MNACHP Member National Association of Counsellors, Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists
MNATH Member National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists (USA)
MNCH (Acc.) Accredited Member National Council for Hypnotherapy
MNCH (Lic.) Licentiate Member National Council for Hypnotherapy
MNCH (Reg.) Registered Member National Council for Hypnotherapy
MNCP Member National Council of Psychotherapists
MNFSH Member National Federation of Spiritual Healers
MNRAH Member National Register of Advanced Hypnotherapists
MNRSCT Member National Register of Smoking Cessation Therapists
MNSPH Member National Society of Professional Hypnotherapists
MPHC Member Professional Hypnotherapy Centre
MPHINZ Member Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy Institute of New Zealand
MPI Merseyside Psychotherapy Institute
MRAGPH Member Register of Approved Gastro-intestinal Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists
MRF Member Reiki Federation
MRPS Member Royal Pharmaceutical Society
MSIR Member Scottish Institute of Reflexologists
MSMCA Member Stress Management Counsellors Association
MSMN Member Scientific and Medical Network
MSSM Member Society of Stress Managers
MSSM Midland School of Stress Management
MSTAT Member Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique
MSTT Member Society of Transformational Therapy
MWF Medical Womens Federation
NAP National Association of Psychotherapists
NAPsy National Association of Psychology
NASEN National Association for Special Education Needs
NGH National Guild of Hypnotists (USA)
NIM Northern Institute of Massage
NMC Nursing & Midwifery Council
NRHP National Register of Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists (Linked to National College of Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists)
ORP Oxsem Register of Practitioners (Divorce and Separation Recovery)
PICT Parks Inner Child Therapy (Counsellors Association)
PF Peiffer Foundation
RCGP Royal College of General Practitioners
RCN Royal College of Nursing
RCPsych Royal College of Psychiatrists
RSM Royal Society of Medicine
SEAL Society for Effective/Affective Learning
SIRA Silkwood International Reiki Association
SMCA Stress Management Counsellors Association
SNLP Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming (USA)
SNU Spiritualists National Union
SOCH Society of Curative Hypnotherapy
SPCAH Society for Primary Cause Analysis by Hypnosis
SSCH Swedish Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists
TLTA Time Line Therapy Association
UKCP United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy
UKGHE UK Guild of Hypnotist Examiners (Formerly British Council of Hypnotist Examiners)
UKMHMA United Kingdom Homoeopathic Medical Association
UKRC United Kingdom Register of Counsellors (Linked to BAC)
UPA Universities Psychotherapy Association
WFH hypnotherapist register World Federation of Healing
WFH World Federation of Hypnotherapists
WIPH hypnosis organisations World Institute of Professional Hypnotherapists