Analytical Therapy

For those who specialise in this therapy look for the letter ‘D’ in the speciality column

by Janette Cowin

Our character and personality has been shaped by our past experiences.
How we behave in the present has its roots in the past. Sometimes we would like to change certain aspects of our behaviour – but sometimes we just can’t seem to do it.

I can’t understand why I feel like this.
Why do I always behave like that?
Why have I got this mysterious problem/symptom?

Every effect must have a cause … and although you may not realise it, forgotten or partly forgotten things in your past can have a lot to answer for when it comes to your present day feelings and behaviour patterns.

If you have an unexplained symptom or pattern of behaviour that you just cannot control, there could be a hidden reason for that problem locked away somewhere in your mind and this can be responsible for the way you now feel and behave.

If a person experiences some kind of emotional trauma, the human mind can, in certain circumstances, take evasive action.
The mind can take the memory of that unacceptable experience and lock it away in it’s deeper subconscious region. The mind is trying to ‘blot out’ the experience for you.
This phenomenon usually (but not always) happens in childhood.

However, although the trauma has been hidden away in the Subconscious, it still has the power to affect you on a subconscious level, sometimes causing unexplained symptoms.

Because your conscious mind is unaware (or not fully aware), of the real cause of your distress, you cannot overcome it. Therefore, it may be necessary to uncover those repressed memories, and come to terms with them, before your symptoms can be effectively dealt with.

Hypnotherapy can be used in an analytical capacity, to give an insight into the subconscious triggers which can cause many unexplained symptoms.
Examining and understanding the past can often provide us with the tools to move forward and improve our future.

Different schools of Hypnotherapy may employ varying methods of Analysis.