Emotional Freedom Techniques

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The following information has been kindly supplied by Dr. Michael G Millett www.elevatedtherapy.com

EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, involves tapping on various points on the body while using specific verbalizations to eliminate or reduce all kinds of pain, distress and suffering. It’s amazingly simple and versatile and the basics are easy to learn, and yet its results are phenomenal. The techniques can be combined with deep inner healing. They can also be used on their own or in combination with many other modalities such as before and during hypnotherapy. When done during hypnotherapy, it is often used as a release technique for emotions and other issues that may come up. Many hypnotherapists and practitioners of various persuasions are adding EFT to their work, as it adds deeper dimensions and creates more profound results in the great healing work they do.

EFT works with the human energy system, which circulates through our body / mind in channels or meridians. With EFT you tap on specific points to stimulate the free flow of energy through the meridians. As you tap on a point, neuro-receptors under the skin convert the pressure to an electrical impulse that is transmitted to the brain. This is combined with the power of mind or intention. As you focus on a specific problem, you send out your intention for healing it. At the same time, you create a physiological response by tapping on the points. This process has its roots in ancient Chinese medical understanding of meridians and energy systems: in acupressure, in acupuncture, in meditation, in prayer and the modern science of Applied Kinesiology.

Everything can benefit from an increased flow of healing energy and from the intention of the mind to heal. Here are some of the human issues that have been positively influenced by working with energy: addictive cravings (food, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs), allergies, anxiety and panic attacks, anger, compulsions, depression and sadness, dyslexia, self image and self esteem. Other issues are: fears and phobias, grief and loss, guilt, insomnia, negative memories, nightmares, pain, physical symptoms (fibromyalgia, arthritis, back and neck pain) and other physical healing. Other situations helped with these techniques are: peak performance (golf, public speaking, performing in public), post-traumatic stress disorder, sexual abuse issues, all kinds of fears and phobias (heights, being alone, claustrophobia, computers, dentists, flying, driving, elevators, bridges, needles, public speaking, fear of snakes or spiders) and many more.

These special techniques work to create a free flow of “chi” or energy in the body’s energy system. Energy is the life force of the universe. It’s the electromagnetic field that underlies all that is, the vitality in all creation. We are working with this energy field when we use these techniques.

The human energy field is similar to other kinds of electrical systems. When there is a disruption in a mechanism, you notice static or noise. In the case of human beings, you notice various kinds of impediments or problems. When you are able to dissolve the static or noise, you can help the mechanism to run smoothly, with fewer disruptions. Your TV or computer, for example, runs more smoothly by making some adjustments. So, too, does the human energy system. Almost as if you had a remote control or a keyboard, you can “tap in” the appropriate code, which will create more peace in the system, help the energy to smooth out and work optimally.

EFT itself covers a wide variety of problems with one elegant routine. There are other protocols / techniques that one can use too in `energy therapy` and some of these I have developed myself such as the Power of Three and the Kundalini Protocols. All the energy meridians are connected and intertwined so that tapping a few of them sends balanced energy down all of them. Tapping on the energy system while being tuned to an emotional problem is an extraordinary healing technique that is deserving of the Nobel Prize.
Its impact on the healing sciences is enormous. The EFT AREA at the Elevated Therapy International web site, www.emofree.uk.com, contains more information, trainings and a variety of links for your interest and learning.

Michael is a supervising hypnotherapist, nlp practitioner, metaphysician, reiki master, life coach, past life regression therapist and energy therapy trainer and also a Director of The Association of Meridian Therapies, the United Kingdom and Ireland`s original and leading professional accrediting authority for this work
Dr. Michael Millett appears on radio and television, and gives numerous workshops and trainings. He works in the area of profound mental-emotional-spiritual transformation and is the proprietor of Elevated Therapy International.